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American Scenery: Different Views in the Hudson River School Painting
July 12-October 18, 2015

(Pictured: Hermann Ottomar Herzog, "Man Hunting," oil)

"American Scenery: Different Views in the Hudson River School Painting" features 116 paintings from the Hudson River School, a loose collective of artists working in upstate New York from 1825-1875. These artists' works comprised America's first native style and made them among the first American art celebrities. The works include pieces by Thomas Cole, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Sanford Robinson Gifford, Asher B. Durand, Frederic Edwin Church, John Frederick Kensett and John William Casilear. This exhibition is assembled from a single collection, first exhibited at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Pennsylvania.

(Right) Winslow Homer, The Sharpshooter on Picket Duty

Picturing the Civil War: Engravings by Winslow Homer and other Artists


For Loan! - Peninsula Fine Arts Center acquired thirty original wood engravings (20 single sheet and 10 double-sheet images), which include 11 of Homer’s works, as well as others by Thomas Nast, Alexander Simplot and additional artists—some unidentified—of the period. Using archival materials, we have beautifully matted, framed, and labeled each engraving, so we may lend them to anyone interested in hosting a piece of the Civil War in their classroom, business, or any other facility.  Click here for more info.

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